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In this course, you'll learn to become an expert at manifesting anything you wish.

These are powerful techniques that I've used myself to manifest my dream life. They have worked like crazy for me and thousands of my students.

Whether you want more money, ideal job or career, dream relationship, ideal body, or anything else.... this course will help you manifest it faster than you ever imagined possible.

Results From Our Students 😍

"I've been working with Veronica off and on since 2016 and she's the best."

"I received a text from him on day 18 of the 25 day challenge."

"Me and my crush also got to talk again after some time of not chatting."


"The Conscious Manifesting Approach offers solid and practical advice in helping you identify what it is you want, followed by intelligent and experienced guidance on how you can get there.

I really enjoyed that the course was broken into practical bite size pieces that were super easy to understand and follow.

Veronica offers up her own life experiences to help demonstrate how the material works and how powerful the art of manifesting truly is.

The results that follow will amaze you!

Since doing the course I have manifested moving cities to be living with my boyfriend, and 5 months later we bought a beautiful house and moved again!

I also used the course to manifest new work opportunities and friendships.

I am now working from home in a lovely home office and couldn't be happier."

In This Course You'll Learn to:

Attract Any Desire FAST with the Conscious use of the Law Of Attraction.

Transcend TIME Limitations and other Obstacles so that what you want comes to you FASTER than you ever imagined possible.

✔ Attract any desire you want including a specific person, ideal relationship, career, income, more money, better body, etc.

✔ Drastically Improve your Financial Reality so you see yourself as an abundant person Right Now (and attract it).

✔ Make your WILDEST FANTASIES COME TRUE by learning to use 'The art of allowing.'

MASSIVELY ACCELERATE Your Manifestation Process using Powerful Guided Meditations which cannot be found anywhere else!!

Manifest Financial Abundance

Understand how money works and how to have a prosperity consciousness so you naturally think and attract wealth into your life.

Attract Your Ideal Job/Career

Whatever your ideal job or career goals might be, you can attract it. I will teach you how to see yourself as you want to be, and become it.

Perfect Relationship

Manifest your perfect relationship and have the lover of your dreams by using the same techniques used by my most successful students.



You are a powerful creator. You are The Universe experiencing itself through you and you can create the love, wealth, health, success and happiness you want easily.

You create with your thoughts and feelings. In spiritual terms it’s known as The Universal law of Attraction, but there are scientific reasons behind it too.

So would you like to learn how to manifest your desires fast?

What if i told you you already manifest now...

You’re just not consciously choosing what you want!

In this Conscious Manifesting course, I will share with you my powerful techniques and secrets that I've used to manifest some of my biggest desires…

And I'll show you how you can do it too.

You are a divine spiritual being and you are here to live a life of true abundance.

But this will ONLY happen if you learn to do the right things that work and let go of what you've been unconsciously doing till now to sabotage your manifestations.

The FIRST STEP in manifesting what you desire is BELEIVING THAT IT'S POSSIBLE for you.

If you believe that it's possible, you'll naturally take the right steps to effortlessly attract your desires to you.

Stop being stuck in life, wondering why things don't work and feeling like a victim.

START taking charge of your life, learn to do what works and make your dreams come true.

Please note: all the modules will slowly unlock at midnight in your time zone so you can properly pace yourself properly and get the most value from your course ❤️

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Important Refund Policy

Please note that due to the coaching nature of this program, that there are no refunds available after purchasing the course. However, if you have any questions or need help while using it, feel free to send an email to [email protected]. I am here for you and want you to succeed.